The respective characteristics of ball valve and butterfly valve


Ball valve and butterfly valve are two important categories of valves, widely used. Ball valve in high temperature and high pressure requirements of strict seal, flow resistance to small conditions. Butterfly valve is mainly used for low pressure, sealing requirements are not high working conditions.

Ball valves and butterfly valves are also more classified. Ball valves can be divided into: metal hard sealed ball valves, soft sealed ball valves, floating ball valves, fixed ball valves, eccentric half ball valves, V-shaped adjustment ball valves, etc.

Butterfly valve is divided into: three eccentric butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve, middle line butterfly valve, hard seal butterfly valve, soft seal butterfly valve.

Ball valve and butterfly valve are commonly used valves, some occasions both can be universal, and some conditions can only use one of them. The respective characteristics of these two valves. We briefly analyze:

Ball valve: from the evolution of the plug valve, the opening and closing parts are spheres, characterized by:

1, the flow resistance is small, fully open, there is no blocking medium flow parts in the channel;

2, in the larger pressure and higher temperature, can achieve complete sealing;

3, can quickly open and close;

4, by hardening treatment, to achieve high wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance;

5, symmetrical valve body, can effectively bear the pipeline pressure, can cope with high pressure conditions.

Butterfly valve: the opening and closing parts are disc type butterfly plates, characterized by:

1, simple structure, small volume, convenient installation;

2, the flow resistance coefficient is small, fast opening and closing;

3, can be used for large diameter valves;

4, can apply different sealing surface, use a variety of environment, including powder, granular medium, etc.

Butterfly valve relative to ball valve, tightness is slightly poor, but large diameter valve, butterfly valve than ball valve to have unique advantages; When adjusting the flow, butterfly valve adjustment range is not large, and V-type ball valve adjustment, adjustment. In high pressure lines, ball valves have advantages over butterfly valves.